#ActiveCitizenship | Citizenship as a Service (CaaS)

credit: Aapti Institute

“We need to pick community champions and community agents for whom more and more technology has to be built in a very localised manner.” Aniket Doegar

  • What are some of the limitations of technology in the Indian context, and how can we reassess our approach to problem-solving while keeping these in mind?
  • What are the opportunities and boundaries within which civil society can advocate for communities, and where should the Sarkaar and Bazaar step in to fill the gaps?
  • How do we build platforms that are not technology-led but technology-enabled and give agency back to community actors by distributing the ability to solve?




A Quest for a Good Society. www.rohininilekani.org

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Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies

Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies

A Quest for a Good Society. www.rohininilekani.org

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