RNP’s New Podcast, Grassroots Nation — Lives in Service

Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies
3 min readMay 3, 2023

Written by Sahana Jose, Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies

We are excited to launch Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies’ first podcast, Grassroots Nation. In S1 of Grassroots Nation, we deep dive into the life, work and guiding philosophies of some of India’s greatest leaders of social change.

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“These men and women are part of the larger tapestry of India, of ordinary people who dared to dream of audacious social change and remained unwavering in their commitment to democracy, equity, inclusion and justice.” — Rohini Nilekani

Speakers interviewed thus far for S1 of Grassroots Nation

Part personal narrative, part oral history, each episode gives you a chance to revisit watershed moments in India’s past through the eyes of the country’s social architects. And find out how they were the catalyst for their life’s calling.

  • The podcast has elements of an oral history project where the listener will get a glimpse into the leader’s life journey with layers of history and culture folded in.
  • Over an hour-long episode, we have attempted to draw out each leader’s creative and philosophical enquiries: what are their stories? How did they come to this path? What events shaped their perspectives? Who influenced their choices?
  • Each leader is interviewed by a friend/colleague/long-time co-traveller who has known them for a considerable number of years — making the conversation intimate, out-of-the-usual, with few surprises thrown in!

Episode 1 of Grassroots Nation released last week— where we meet the pioneer of sustainable development, environmental visionary and the founder and Chairman of Development Alternatives, Dr Ashok Khosla.

Would you help us take these powerful stories to places we can’t take them ourselves? If yes, here are some ways:

  1. Subscribe & share — find Grassroots Nation on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Google podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.
  2. Create listening circles among your peers to listen, discuss & share your reflections. In case you are looking for some reflective questions, here are some. We would love to hear from you!
  • What aspects/stories of the leader’s journey stayed with you?
  • Were there any philosophies/approaches you disagreed with?
  • Given the leader’s deep impact, discuss what may have been different without their presence.

3. Write to us with suggestions of who we should be interviewing for our upcoming seasons + what questions we should be asking + more ideas to spread the word.

We hope the generative power of these stories and the testimony of individuals who have committed their lives to social causes moves you, as it tells us that each of us can play a powerful role in building a flourishing, engaged Samaaj.

Happy listening!